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UK centric and with a focus on the placement of software engineers and IT management, predominantly within the financial markets and technology sectors on both a contract and permanent basis.


We operate predominantly within the financial markets, leveraging our deep historical expertise and networks recruiting technologists within this sector. Typically we work with IT departments of well-known UK and global hedge funds, FinTechs and other financial trading companies. Additionally, we work with technology and software companies who place a premium on staffing their businesses with genuinely high quality technology talent.

In what is very crowded market of UK technology recruiters, we differentiate ourselves through our relationship-driven approach to candidates and clients and the average experience level of our technology recruitment team, which we understand, is more mature than most London recruitment firms. Our staff (and 100pc hands-on founding technology-recruitment partner) see themselves as career recruiters, removing short-term transactional business but encouraging lasting business relationships built on trust and delivery.

Our business typically focuses on the following core skill-sets:

Technology: Developer/Software Engineer, Database Developer, Support Engineer, QA, Data Scientist and Infrastructure Engineer.

Senior Appointments: Permanent and contract placement of CTOs, Programme Manager, Project Manager, Head of Development, IT Infrastructure Manager, Business Analyst and PMO’s.

Software Engineering: We work with junior, midlevel and senior candidates within the £50,000-£250,000 compensation range.


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