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Deeply experienced and well networked within the Quantitative Trading space, we work closely with a small number of select clients that typically operate at the intersection of Computer Science, Math and Trading. We work as advisers to individuals who are looking to enter the industry for the first time as well as with experienced traders, portfolio managers and researchers considering their next move. We also work with a select number of AI and Machine Learning firms in the West Coast of USA. In this relatively young and fast changing industry, we are proud to be associated with some of the most cutting edge research groups and companies on the planet. We are proud to be the first ever Recruitment firm to be an official sponsor at the NeurIPS conference in 2018.


We work with a relatively small number of the most prestigious and successful hedge funds and proprietary trading organisations, predominantly in the USA. We help our clients by providing market intelligence, recruitment advisory and search expertise. Typically we help organisations to hire and on-board Software Engineers, Portfolio Managers, Trading Teams and Quantitative Trading Researchers who work very closely with Trading Groups. Having been involved in and associated with the industry for many years, we take a long term view and look to foster long lasting relationships with individuals and candidates who we recognise that we may not immediately, or indeed ever place. Our business cannot function without this important value.

We have extensive experience helping candidates to move from outside the industry (Usually from large Tech firms), into the very professionally and financially rewarding trading world. We understand common perceptions about working for a hedge fund or other financial firm and help our candidates to understand what sort of cultural change they may encounter in switching industries. As an elect part of the financial world increasingly embraces and operates at the cutting edge of technology and mathematics, many of our candidates are interested to explore what working for a hedge fund might look at feel like. We can help people to explore this.


Candidate Advisory: We work very closely with prospective candidates to explore the market and to understand a prospective new employer – or industry. We have been associated with the quantitative trading industry since its early days and are able to answer a wide range of questions from candidates about market conditions or moving into the industry for the first time.

Client Advisory: Working with only a very small number of core clients allows us, with integrity, to provide very detailed competitor analysis and insight. We can provide detailed market maps, hiring / positioning advisory as well as more bespoke services such as engagement and retention advisory and analysis.

Search: Traditional retained recruitment search and associated services for specific key hires or teams.


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