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Clients & Candidates

Westbourne Partners was born to better understand the needs of the industries it recruits for. Too often, recruiters are seen as salespeople, focused on quick results. The perception is that recruiters don’t take the time to know their clients and understand their candidates effectively enough to be able to build long-term relationships with either.

Starting by leveraging key relationships and the industry sectors we knew best, our first clients were smaller, boutique financial institutions. Keeping the operation lean and agile, set forth to build on this client base and six months in, began to establish the Westbourne Partners team.

Our business is organised to meet the needs of our clients large and small with expert, specialised consultants that deliver the best candidates and service.

We offer a personalised service for our candidates and clients alike, working with a range of companies.

Each consultant specialises in an individual area which enables them to systematically hire for their clients using the trusted networks they have built.

Our teams are constantly building relationships with clients and candidates to ensure the right skills match every time. Just browse our testimonials for some examples of the confidence our candidates and our clients place in us for their career progression and recruitment needs.

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    " I worked with Westbourne Partners firstly as a candidate and then later as a client. I worked directly with Mo who is the head of International Banking & Finance. His understanding of the Middle East region means that as an international candidate, you have a realistic insight into opportunities in the region. This means that as a client, Mo provides properly vetted international candidates who properly understand the role and the region."

    - International Banking & Finance Candidate and Client

    "We are really happy with Westbourne Partners work. They have taken the time to really understand our business and hiring requirements and as a result has provided us with excellent candidates of the highest quality. We trust Westbourne Partners for any future hires as they look after our business interests in a professional and timely fashion. "

    - Technology Client , Hiring Manager

    "Westbourne did an impeccable job in supporting us throughout a project, from the very initial meeting right until the end of the project. Would be happy to work with Westbourne again."

    - Technology Client , Project Manager